The Section of Transplantation maintains a strong interest in research related to liver, kidney and pancreas transplantation and nontransplant surgical conditions.

Recent investigations include:

  • The mechanisms involved in hepatitis C recurrence after liver transplantation to determine why some transplant patients have a more accelerated course and significant early liver injury from hepatitis C.
  • Liver transplant rejection
  • Washington University is one of 3 centers involved in a study utilizing Facebook to enhance living donation of our waitlisted recipients.
  • Transplant surgeons are actively involved in several Phase II and Phase III trials exploring novel immunosuppression protocols to explore opportunities to improve organ graft survival as well as to reduce patient side effects.
  • Washington University is participating in an NIH-funded study to develop and incorporate the live donor kidney champion program within our kidney transplant program for our waitlisted kidney transplant recipients.
  • Image-guided liver surgery
  • Risk factors for rejection and infection in pediatric liver transplantation