For some patients, peritoneal dialysis may be a preferable alternative to hemodialysis. Instead of using a hemodialysis machine to cleanse the blood, this treatment removes waste toxins from the body by repeated drainage of dialysis fluids into and out of the abdominal (peritoneal) cavity. This requires surgical placement of a small tube into the abdominal cavity through which the dialysis fluid is introduced and remains for a period of time. Toxins, excess salt and water move out of the body tissues and dissolve into this fluid; they are then removed when the fluid is drained from this same tube. Peritoneal dialysis does not require vascular access and is performed by the patient at home or at his or her travel destination.

Transplant surgeons who perform surgical placement of the tube for peritoneal dialysis are:

Yiing Lin, MD, PhD
Surendra Shenoy, MD, PhD
Jason Wellen, MD, MBA

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